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3rd Annual Revolutionary Healing 

Friendsgiving Festival  

     Since 2020 Revolutionary Healing has expanded its monthly day retreats for an Annual Friendsgiving Festival as the Crowning Event of  Native American Heritage Month on the 3rd Sunday in November. The festival begins at noon and ends at 8:00 pm. It is a Free event  that has drawn over hundreds of people.  

The last two years the attendees are welcomed by private landowners YOUR FAITH FARMS (FAIRBURN, GA). For the 3rd Annual Revolutionary Healing: Friendsgiving Festival will be held at Wilkerson Mill Park in Palmetto, Georgia (15 mins from the Atlanta Airport). At the park, Revolutionary Healing Friendsgiving Festival hosts various “Healing Sessions” from  meditation, art therapy, fitness, group therapy, and various “HOW TO’s” from gardening to preparing food on a budget.

Revolutionary Healing has a section called “The Children’s Village” where children are able to be a part of “healing sessions” catered to children and teens. In The Children’s Village there is a crafts table, a small stage with youth oriented performances, bouncy houses and horseback  riding. 


We would also host an “Author's Village” for authors to share their stories. 

In the main area of Revolutionary Healing is a main stage for performers and speakers. Revolutionary Healing Friendsgiving Festival  also has had a bonfire for “fireside chat” to teach attendees of the history and culture of Indigenous people from Indigenous educators,  healers and leaders. In this main area is a “step and repeat” decorated with a Fall decor of hay barrels and balloons. In the past  Revolutionary Healing has opened up this space for vendors and informational booths of local businesses.  

Revolutionary Healing has become very successful with positive results for all those that attend and participate, because of this we  would like to open the Friendsgiving Festival up to more partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. If you would like to vend/ partner / sponsor please email us at

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